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Hey and Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to visit. Shout out to my beautiful bride for getting this awesome site up and running! We have been busy! Super excited to be launching our YouTube channel exclusively produced by KeDa Creative group… these guys are gifted. LOTS coming up….container homes, THOW builds, Steven’s cabin, creative carpentry, transforming furniture and tons of FUN!

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Chris Strathy
The Dogghouse

Every capable carpenter needs a good shop, preferably on wheels. But where is the fun in just purchasing a ready made, run-of-the-mill work horse? Not this carpenter, we did our shop like we do all our projects...custom.

We allocated this ragged-out old camper from a guy in Rocky Mount, NC and proceeded to convert it into a road worthy, fully functional carpenter's shop. The "Dogghouse" comes equipped with electric, tons of storage, lights, retractable extension cords, an air compressor, chop and table saws, a work bench, a generator, a cool submarine style hatch (just for fun), and custom build hose reels. But the coolest feature of the whole shop is the cut-in rear hatch we "installed". It allows us to easily load lumber, ATVs, or any assortment of toys or materials we could need. Even if we aren't, we are in the Dogghouse!

Our YouTube Channel has launched!
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A while in the making our Youtube channel has finally launched.

It was always in the making but our inclination to work always took over. Eager to get working, we always started before the before pics so we never really could do how-we-do-it videos and once done we always forgot to take after pics, compounding the problem. Have no fear. We now ensure to take before and after pics so we can finally bring you some content.

That content is more than just how-to and renovations. We also promise to bring you tiny-living, creative "reuse" projects, ax throwing, and much more. Waste no time and head on over to check it out

The Tiny Humble Home

We will be bringing our first and most playful tiny home to the Tiny Home festival in Pink Hill, NC. The street festival will include our work trailer (also custom built) as well as our home. More information about the festival can be found on our FB page at or via the event page at We hope to see you there!

The Capable Carpenter will be showcasing their latest minimalist living residence, “Its Okay to Play”. This classy home is efficient, simple and functional, and was built with an extra dose of fun. We married style together with function in unique ways with this home. Pop-up closets, under-floor sleeping bunks, a stylish bath, and a fold out deck are just some of the features built into Its Okay to Play. We fused the efficient use of space with carefully designed areas that are functional, simple, stylish and (most of all) fun. Our design was inspired by efficiency, sustainability and durability. This home was designed and built to provide comfortable living at a fair price, and to last for a lifetime.

Our belief is that every home should be custom and special. This will be evident by looking at the detail in this home. Where possible, we have used reclaimed materials that enhance our home’s rustic style and promote sustainability. Starting in the master bedroom, with its grand double-bay door that opens onto the upper level deck, to the two sleeping areas with closets tucked away underneath, it will be easy to see that this home was not just designed for tiny living but also for grand vistas and fun.