The capable carpenter

Farmville, NC 27828



The Capable Carpenter, Chris, has over 20 years experience in several facets of building, including marine construction, design, renovation, remodeling, modular and outdoor living.

We are currently working on a several remodels as well as turning a salvaged camper into a wheelchair accessible primitive cabin.


Greener living

Chris has recently fallen in love with the tiny house movement and built “It’s OK to Play” as his first Tiny House on wheels and rental.

He wants to help you go tiny in a huge way. We will work with you every step of the way designing your tiny living space to be the most efficient it can be with space and materials.





Tiny House Events:

  • Tiny House Street Festival in Pink Hill, NC April 2018

  • Great American Tiny Home Show in Raleigh, NC June 2018

  • Outer Banks Tiny Home Festival 2019

Workshops/ Guest Speaker:

  • Tiny House Summer Camp IV Workshop in Vermont 2018

  • NC Hands On Tiny House Workshop in North Carolina 2019